Until Year 2017 –

Studio Igg’s team collected and shipped books to school libraries in India and also few books were donated to homes in Singapore.

Supported various causes like book collection for last 5 yrs on environmental, education , social and animal welfare support.

Until Year 2017 –

Tree planting, food and shelter for rescue animals , Singapore children society and support to various other causes

In Year 2018 –

Studio Igg team supports logistics for the monthly Karanguni pickers food distribution. Transport is sponsored for Trip of Karanguni pickers.

Since Nov 2018 – Studio Igg Team took another initiative to help 10 families with Art of Living , Singapore whose earning is less than 400 a month.

Studio Igg Team is also supporting 10 students of disaster hit areas of Coorg.
We are providing Financial support to

_____families for long term.
____student at Engineering College
_____students at various schools n universities.

Project Pavitra –

The project aims to provide a two-fold solution to menstrual problems by:

1. Generating awareness amongst adolescent girls about menstrual health and hygiene via sensitisation programs in rural areas and urban slums

2. Distribution of eco-friendly sanitary pads for women. The vision of the project is to empower girls with the knowledge and awareness on menstrual hygiene to manage their menstruation in a hygienic way in privacy, safely and with dignity at home, at school and in the community.

Studio Igg has donated for 500 girls in India on awareness on menstrual hygiene.