About Us
About STUDIO Igg

Our Studio Igg team has remained exclusive, out of the box, and efficient over the years. Stemming from the very simple concepts of sustainability and harmony, we have made sure not to lose the quirkiness that puts us outside the proverbial box.

The company was started under the name of Green Door – an opening to a sustainable living. Later, converting the same name to Pte Ltd had technical issues and we were advised to go in for a new one.  “Studio Igg” was chosen where igg is from ‘iggutappa’ of Coorg which is consciousness or purity. We believe nature is the best teacher and the most profound feelings are experienced in nature. Same is with our design with green playing a vital role and the spaces we create link people to their emotions. Space dictates the way you think and behave – calm, happy, exciting, irritation or wonder!

We are an Bizsafe Level 3 certification, Iso 9001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company. Being BCA registered; we also handle the contract work involved in our projects, thereby providing a seamless and highly efficient design solution for our clients. Keeping the team lean and highly capable of multi-tasking also helps us keep our clients’ wallets feeling less deprived while their living spaces often transform into something fairly niche, yet harmonious.

The team also ensures a high level of environmental awareness; looking for more sustainable options wherever we can. Our originality keeps our identity solely ours, often venturing into one-of-a-kind solutions for your living space and looking into quirky, but relevant and seamless methods to break monotony and find the true essence of homes and commercial spaces alike.

Being a small, and relatively young company, keeps us on our toes and always looking to develop lasting relationships with our clients that go beyond simplistic business arrangements. We aim to grow without losing this personal touch that is so highly valued, and yet, often overlooked in today’s fast paced and highly commercialized world. Company profits are given to various community service projects and our team is also involved in the same.

We also accept internships amid holiday work as we are always on the lookout for young and eager talent!

Our Team

Nishi Kuttanna

Nishi loves creating spaces that can uplift and heal the user. She is intrigued by People and Spaces. Nature is her inspiration and her design is always finding a balance between user satisfaction and ideas of sustainability. Minimal and peaceful spaces with texture and patterns, solids, voids, awith green/nature is her love.

She  graduated with Bachelors of Architecture degree , later specialised in interior and landscape. Design of any scale interests her and  thus has created transformative spaces in architecture , interior and landscape over the last 20 yrs  in India, Singapore and London.

Subjects on Spirituality, community service and sports are of great interest.

Sushma Bopanna
 Associate Director – London

Sushma an enthusiast in design has an excellent eye for detail, color and furnishings.

She is a great team player and ever ready to support in any aspect. A very relaxed and calm person. she can whip up gastronomical delights with whatever is around and loves children and traveling.

Phay Thai Wong
Administrative head  – Singapore

Phay is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hard working person. She is a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situations. She is able to work well both in a team environment as well as using own initiative.

Santosh Kumar
Brand and culture coach and business advisor

He is an innovation and strategy consultant for corporations and social enterprises.
In his previous role at the Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB), Santosh worked on the most complex societal issues such as jobs polarization and jobless recovery, inequality, sustainability and the future of work
Fluent in French, Spanish, Hindi and English, Santosh is a bridge between Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. Santosh is passionate about yoga, meditation, poetry, sermons, tales of missionaries and ancient wisdom. He holds a Master in Engineering from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines (France).

Interior & Spatial Designer

Anjan graduated with Bachelor of Design degree in Interior Design from India. In his 5 years of experience in the field, he has worked on various kinds of projects.

He believes that space can create any feel. His design ideology is, less is more. Creating what client wants is what gives him happiness and sense of satisfaction.

Ranjan A.K.A Mohan Kumar
Architect and Spatial Designer

Ranjan graduated with Bachelor of Architecture degree from Bangalore, India. Irrespective of being fresh out of college, he has been exposed to a large variety of projects with their own set of challenges and has successfully delivered fruitful results.

His ideology is based on Minimalist designs and loves to design spaces which satisfy the clients both visually and spiritually.

Nethra Singh
Architect and spatial Designer

Nethra graduated with Bachelor of Architecture from Bangalore. She has also done an integrated course on Net-Zero design in Low Carbon from Cardiff University, UK. She believes architects and designers have to contribute in shaping the community. Her ideology is that Architecture is when an idea takes birth in the mind of clients. A success would be when that idea is delivered into a liveable space just as imagined. She is a trained and certified Forest Eco-volunteer. Conservation and Sustainability peeks her interests.

Interior & Spatial Designer

Chandini graduated with bachelor’s degree in Interior Designing in Bangalore, India.
She practices punctuality and discipline.  As a former NCC Cadet, working in team has forever been her forte. She believes everyone should be aware of nature and by incorporating the same in one’s space, provides peace and Harmony.

Joshua Baniqued
Junior Architect

Joshua has completed his Bachelor in Architecture from Philippines. He has fair amount of experience in construction field. He believes the journey of architecture begins when you put two bricks together.

Architect and spatial Designer

Tanushriya Graduated with Bachelor of Architecture degree from Sri Sri University, Orissa. India. In the past She has worked in MNC and in the mountains with an experience of 1.5yrs. An enthusiast traveller and photographer that she is, she has worked towards visualising Architecture into a whole new different perspective.  Her experiences have spiked an interest in learning and practicing Organic Architecture. Just as Frank Lloyd Wright said “study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”